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About Frank W. Berliner

I grew up in Hewlett Harbor, Long Island, seventeen miles from Manhattan. On a clear day I could just barely see the Empire State Building from the upstairs window of my parents’ home.

I got my degree from Yale and was trained to become a Master of the Universe. But when I met Chogyam Trungpa, I realized it was more important to master my mind.

That was forty-three years ago. For the first thirteen of those years, I studied and practiced Buddhadharma under Trungpa’s direction, and served him until his death in 1987 in a variety of leadership and teaching roles. After that, I began to teach on my own.

Since then, I’ve taught hundreds of programs in meditation and Buddhist philosophy and psychology throughout the United States and Canada. Never forgetting my teacher’s admonition that you cannot sustain a genuine dharma-teaching vocation unless you meditate regularly, I’ve continued to practice daily and do a solitary meditation retreat every year.

The most nourishing of all my teaching experiences was as a faculty member at Naropa University, which began the year after I received my Masters degree there in order to begin my career as a psychotherapist.

I taught a generation of young people at Naropa, training them in both Buddhist and Western psychology, as well as the practice of sitting meditation. I’m also proud that I pioneered the first online meditation class in American higher education during my time there.

I retired from Naropa in 2015. I still practice as a psychotherapist and life coach, and still travel to teach the Buddhadharma wherever people want to hear it.

Please contact Frank with questions, comments and any other inquiry.

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