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Listen to: Mindfulness as a Warrior's Practice

Listen to: Anxiety and Bravery


The Buddha’s view of life was neither religious nor metaphysical, but existential. He was not concerned with the usual ultimate questions that cannot ever really be answered- such as whether God exists or not.

He was concerned with the fact that we suffer, and that much of it is our own creation. He was fiercely curious about why, and about what could be done about it. Everything he discovered and then taught—the Dharma-- came from his engagement with this issue, and this issue alone.

In the process, he found that each of us has the resources to answer this question about suffering personally, and to free ourselves as well.

Such an engagement requires bravery in the highest sense—that is, the willingness to face our fears, hesitations, and delusions, and abandon them.

The modern Buddhist master Chogyam Trungpa called this engagement the path of the Warrior.  He used this word not in its conventional sense of waging war, but in its original sense of finding the underlying bravery—and the gentleness—within ourselves as we face our lives nakedly and unconditionally.

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